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Nature of Liuli products

As mentioned, liuli is pretigious class of colored glaze. Thus it is the best to illustrate and distinguish liuli through different products classes.

Today therer are 3 classess of colored glazed in the market, namely:

Class A: LIULI (or Ancient Method Liuli or Gu Fa Liuli) - the top quality.

Material - Liuli is made of 2 key natural materials - obsidian alike material, which only found around erupted volcano, and mix with another rare natural material (Liuli Mu - the mother stone of liuli) which manage changing the natural color and appearance of crytalware, amazing!

Chemical composition - Similarly with crystal, liuli's main chemical composition is SiO2. And it comprises only about 90% SiO2 that make it more transparent and charming.

Class B: Western or Taiwan colored glaze

This class of product are originated from the ‘pate-de-verre’ egypt technology. The SiO2 composition is about 92 to 99%. The 9% difference make it much less tranparency than class A colored glaze.

Class C: Fake colored glaze or fake liuli.

This group of product are not colored glaze actually because they are made of resin or latex mix. They are light-weight, color fading over times, no sound of epigraphy heard when tapping the surface and no value at all but they are selling damn cheap in the market. Beware!