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Kua Number Three People

Kua Number Three Quick Facts:

Your Element: Big Wood

Your Colors: Dark Brown and Dark Green

Your Group: East

Your Chinese Trigram: Chen, whose energy is temperamental, magnetic, and inflexible.

Energized Body Parts: Feet, Throat, Neck

Power Objects: Dragon and Snake (especially in the color brown or green), Bamboo, Plants

Best Time of Day: Morning

Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21 (these numbers, and many more, have digits that when added together result in a sum that can be reduced to 3)

Overall Description (this does not need to be an exact match):

You are born under the year of CHEN trigram with kua number three that has the wood element. You are under the element of wood which means that you are determined, persistent and courageous. You are likely to succeed in your career as your determination will not allow any obstacles standing in your way. Your high-spirited and confident will allow you to live your life to the fullest. Your presence is always made known just like the thunder roars and people with you have the comfort under your shelter. Similarly to the tree branches, you are likely to have many different interests and friends. Career wise, you are likely to be bored and change jobs often. It is also known that you are a little impulsive and stubborn in character. Nevertheless, you have a good sense of humor at times.

The chen trigram signifies the eldest son and it's image is that of thunder. It also symbolizes the dragon, rising out of the depths and soaring into the sky. Hence the strong yang line pushes from below the 2 broken yin which gives way. It's element is wood and direction is east.

People born in a kua number three tree year are inquisitive, open to exploring new things and adventurous. They can be somewhat hasty in their actions and can make mistakes. They are natural trailblazers for their younger siblings.

How Kua Number Three Water People are Compatible With Other Kua Element People

• WATER: Water element will support you as this is a productive cycle. They will provide you with nourishment and you can definitely rely on them for support.

• WOOD: Likely to have an attraction to the same kind. You will have the respect as well as having a good banter between each other. You can count on this person to help you with your rising career or status.

• FIRE: You are the best friend for fire element. Both of you are Yang in nature and you are definitely made to be compatible as partner, friend or even as mates.

• EARTH: It spells trouble when you meet a hard earth element. Best to avoid as you will not have a successful kind of relationship.

• METAL: You do not like to be controlled by a metal element person. It is best to avoid having a boss who is the metal element. It will be the worst, if your life partner turns out to be a metal element as you will be under their control.

Source: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui, Third Edition

Your Four Personal BEST Directions and Areas in a Room or House

The Meaning of Your 8 Lifetime Directions

Based on the time of your birth, your Kua Number (also called your Gau number or the Pau Kau number) reveals the four best energy areas in your environment that support your continued growth in success and happiness.

The Kua number also warns you of the four energies in your space that sap your strength and cause problems. It’s best to stay out of these four most disturbing energy areas, which can increase your stress and keep you feeling down. These best and worst energy areas are specific to your birth date and stay with you for life.

As you are learning how to use your personal feng shui energies (by simply spending more time in the four good ones and avoiding the four stressful ones), consider putting a sticky note on your walls to show where all eight directions are.
For more attractive feng shui, order the feng shui posters (a sample is shown below) which are already labeled with your compass direction and your purpose for that area and the physical element needed in that area. These posters are very helpful when you hang them in spaces where you spend a lot of time (like an office, classroom, or conference room).

Once you have them up, you are able to choose one of your four best seats in the room, with just a quick glance at the walls. These posters will keep you in your best directions and help you avoid the four dangerous ones.

Your goal is to always sit and sleep in your best areas because you are then tapping into supportive energy which gives you great benefits, such as an edge in your creativity, more influence over other people and a boost to your health.

Note: It’s most important to FIRST create a strong feng shui organized home, bedroom or work environment (clutter-reduced and color-coded with appropriate objects) BEFORE you use the secrets revealed here. So, check that each of your nine bagua areas is color code .

Your #1 Best Direction (which the Chinese call: Sheng Chi; or English translation: Life Chi Energy) is the South.

If you spend lots of time in the South it will bring you: personal wealth, great prosperity, success and respectability.

Your "Sheng Chi" is known as the Wealth and Success Area and Direction. This is the strongest, most supportive energy direction and location to spend time in. Try to enter your home through a door that is located in this area of your home.

Although you could certainly sleep with the top of your head pointing in this direction, it may be too much good energy and not calm enough to offer the most peaceful sleep. Use your health direction (below) instead.

You should face this direction when you are doing business with clients, customers or patients. Teachers and presenters should face this direction when lecturing, as well as, when conferencing with parents, students or clients.

When you work alone and need to concentrate, it’s very good to have your BACK toward this direction, because it props you up like a strong, comfy chair.

How To Decorate Your Wealth & Success Area and Direction: South

This fortunate area for you is in the south, which is energized by the color red and fire and light. Candles or lights in a triangle-shape, as well as things that are pointy or sharp make this energy work best.

You can build up the good energy here by decorating with red things that represent fame, recognition and wealth.

A grouping of nine red prosperity objects with a triangle, star or zigzag pattern is another way to support the fire element that reigns over the south.

Since the wood element helps make fire burn brighter, touches of green, such as nine living plants, as well as, wooden, and tall, rectangular success objects are welcomed additions to this area.

The element of water puts out fire, so it’s important not to use black, dark blue or glass objects in the south. This is not the place for a water fountain or an aquarium.

The colors red, and bright orange are strong south energizers. The poster below has lots of light (fire) brightening your success. Placing this image in the south will strengthen your intention for wealth. Then remember to spend lots of time near this poster.

Your Health Area and Direction: North

Your 2nd best direction is North and it brings good health and safety. Activating this sector will cure illness and sickness. The source of Tien Yi brings good health and curing those who are suffering from illnesses. It will be good if located in the bedroom or dining hall. For your stove, where the source of this energy is coming from, pointing it to this direction will enhance the curing effect.

Your Love Area and Direction: South-East

Your 3rd best direction is Southeast and it is for relationships. Activating this sector will create harmonious and goodwill family relationships. Where there are quarrels or bickering, it will be best to activate this location resulting a more harmonious relationship.

Your Growth Area and Direction: East

Your 4th best direction is East and it is represented as stability, clear thinking and a good life. It will be best for children to study here and this energy creates kindness, respect and obedience.

How to Tap Into These Kua Number Three Best Energy Areas

• Try to sleep, eat, work, or be in these areas of your home or room.

• Do as many activities as possible in these areas.

• Face these directions when working, eating, or sitting in your living room or at a meeting.

• Sleep with the top of your head pointed in one of these directions.

• Enter your home or office from a door that faces these directions.

Your Most Unfortunate Kua Number Three Directions: West, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest

Your worst direction is West and it is represented by Total Loss. This direction will bring demotion or job loss and if your main door faces this direction then you will lose your descendants or your family members will come to an end. This sector can cause misfortune, bankruptcy, broken marriages, illness or death.

Your 2nd Worst direction is Northeast and it causes legal problems, conflict or grievous harm to your family. Your family will constantly get ill which could lead to death. This location is best for a toilet or kitchen area to suppress its negative energy.

Your 3rd Worst direction is Northwest and it is called the 5 Ghosts. This direction will bring fire, accidents, backstabbing and result in many quarrels within the household. It will lead to losses, confusion, sex scandals and burglary. To suppress the ill effect, it is best to locate your toilet or kitchen in this Wu Kuei sector.

Your 4th Worst direction is Southwest and this sector brings mishaps and accidents that lead to disaster. It will create arrogance, arguments, losses and losing money.